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Finish What We've Started...

These elections are a chance to have your say on eight years of Conservative cuts to public services, failed privatisations and falling living standards.

Tory cuts have savaged vital local services across Basildon. You and your family can often no longer be sure of getting the support you need.

The Conservatives are promising to do more of the same if they are allowed to sneak back in this May in Basildon.

They are cutting vital services, like the NHS and police, and starving councils of cash. The result is that some – like Conservative-run Northamptonshire – are now effectively bankrupt.

While the Conservative Government is giving tax handouts to the super-rich, its massive cuts to local services mean the rest of us could have to pay more council tax.

Labour will rebuild Basildon's communities and transform our borough. The Conservatives are holding Basildon back.

Thousands across our five towns face daily insecurity at work or in business. Most people’s incomes haven’t kept up with prices. Too many have to rely on debt to keep afloat.

Eight years of reckless Tory cuts in Westminster and a privatisation obsession have pushed our public services into crisis.

Outsourcing of public services is leading to one scandal after another. And the collapse of private outsourcing companies like Carillion is putting services at further risk.

The NHS, policing and social care are in a state of emergency. Schools across the country face cuts, and class sizes are increasing.

Housebuilding has fallen to its lowest rate since the 1920s and homelessness is rising. Our safety has been put at risk with over 20,000 police officers lost.

Older people are not living with the dignity and comfort they deserve because of Conservative cuts to social care and the Tories now want elderly people to sell their homes to pay for their care.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

We can build a brighter future for Basildon.

Labour councils will stand up against Tory cuts to protect the services that people rely on across Basildon, Laindon and Pitsea. We will put the interests of the people first. Locally and nationally, Labour will invest in people, public services and the industries of the future. We will rebuild communities.

Labour stands for secure and fulfilling jobs, for everyone to have a decent home, and the chance to train and study. For safer communities, and for care and support for us all when we need it.

Conservative cuts put all that at risk in Basildon. For 15 years they took our borough backwards by failing to have the vision and purpose to build a brighter future.

A Labour government will introduce a real Living Wage of at least £10 an hour. We will always make sure the NHS and social care have the funding they need. We will ensure proper support for local services in government, easing pressure on your Council Tax bill.

Labour will reduce class sizes and end the eight years of pay caps which are causing teachers to leave the profession in unprecedented numbers.

We will invest in new affordable homes to rent and buy, and build over a million homes in five years, including 100,000 genuinely affordable homes to buy and rent a year by the end of the Parliament. We will give residents a say on redevelopment plans.

It’s time for change. Don’t let Conservative cuts hold us back any longer.

Vote Labour – for the many, not the few.