March 21st 2019

The Basildon Labour Party has called for more police on the streets of Basildon, alongside more CCTV and support for the police to catch criminals blighting communities across the borough. 

Labour Leader Gavin Callaghan explained, “These stats lay bare a haunting truth for many people living in the Basildon Borough and who have been victims of crime. In our town right now, if you commit a crime, you’re more than likely to get away with it. The levels of prosecutions are scandalously low. 

“With fewer police on our streets and the Conservative-led Council’s decision to scrap plans for more CCTV in places like Pitsea as well as park wardens in Basildon, the reality is that not enough evidence is being gather to convict criminals who are blighting our community. 

“People are scared and their quality of life is being impacted by a rise in crime. Too many victims of crime now no longer even bother to report crimes because they know the police will not be able to catch the criminals because they do not have the resources due to Conservative cuts to their budgets.  

“Given that people are being forced to pay more council tax and the highest police precept in history, it is wrong to see so many criminals getting away with committing crime after crime. These figures show that the decision to sack more than 900 Essex police officers and PCSOs was a catastrophic error of judgement from Theresa May. Adding just one or two bobbies on the beat will not reverse the alarming rise in crime and decline in criminal prosecutions. We must see police numbers restored to their 2010 levels, CCTV put in place to support evidence-gathering that can lead to prosecutions, park wardens back in parks and PCSOs patrolling the streets and gathering intelligence that helps to reduce crime.”

Labour’s candidate for Pitsea South East, Alex Harrison explained, “For victims of crime in Pitsea South East, what message is it sending to them that the Conservative controlled council would rather invest £350,000 in replacing bins and benches on Billericay High Street than invest in CCTV in Pitsea that could help reduce crime?” 

Labour’s candidate for Laindon Park John Scarola said, “I’ve lived in Laindon for 40 years and I’ve never known crime like it. It is bad enough that the Conservatives closed Laindon police station, but now we barely ever see police on our streets. We are averaging almost 30 crimes a week in Laindon and only 40 of these crimes each year lead to prosecutions. Something is badly wrong when people are being this let down.”


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Labour’s Plans to Improve Community Safety

Labour Councillors are proposing a different solution. We will do five things to reduce crime:

1)    We will turn the streetlights back. The Tory decision to turn them off has coincided with the rise in crime. 

2)    We will reintroduce park wardens into our parks so that they return to being safe spaces and not areas for criminals to congregate and engage in criminal and intimidating activity. 

3)    We will implement knife amnesty bins to encourage people to stop carrying weapons.

4)    We will invest more than £1,000,000 into cleaning up estates across Basildon, because we know that when the Council treats residents like second class citizens by not cleaning up their estates, this can lead to crime.

5)    We will invest more money into deterrents such as Neighbourhood watch schemes and CCTV.