Doing battle with my opposite number on


April 1st 2019

Since 2002 the Conservatives have run Basildon Council with the exception of 12 months in 2017. They have badly let our borough down… 


  • The Conservatives have raised Council tax by 53% since 2002


  • The Conservatives gave their Councillors a near £100,000 pay rise last year

  • The Conservatives increased Council Tax in 2019/20 despite promising not to

  • The Conservatives agreed to sell £1 MILLION worth of taxpayer owned land near Basildon Golf Course for just £1 to a company that is associated with making donations to the Conservative Party

  • The Conservatives let Basildon Town Centre fall into decline over the last 20 years and they have done nothing to stop it

  • The Conservatives left Laindon shopping centre to fall into decline, the health centre to fall apart and they did nothing to regenerate it

  • The Conservatives have sacked 991 police officers and PCSOs since 2010 whilst crime is up in the borough

  • The Conservatives have CLOSED police stations in Pitsea and Laindon

  • The Conservatives have CLOSED swimming pools and leisure centres

  • The Conservatives spent £4 MILLION on the Dale Farm eviction and promised they would recoup every penny of taxpayers money but have only collected around £2,000. 

  • The Conservatives have SLASHED school funding budgets

  • The Conservatives want to CLOSE Vange and Fryerns libraries 

  • The Conservatives SCRAPPED the hot meals service for the elderly

  • The Conservatives refused to install CCTV cameras in Pitsea and Laindon but used money to pay for new bins and benches on Billericay high street

  • The Conservatives want to give legal status to illegal traveller pitches across the borough (except in Billericay) – rewarding illegal activity and potentially negatively impacting on your house price

  • The Conservatives spent £7,500 on a new doormat at the council offices

  • The Conservatives are part of a plan to build over 100,000 homes in South Essex but won’t say where they will build them, until AFTER the election

  • The Conservatives won’t spend money on Basildon’s potholes and road improvements and instead spend your taxes in places like Saffron Walden and Maldon