An army in #Pitsea Tonight, chasing down


April 23rd, 2019

This is a local council election and we think the Conservatives – who have run Basildon Council since 2002, need to be replaced with new ideas…

  • LABOUR will put the streetlights back on in Basildon

  • LABOUR will begin work to remove Basildon from Essex County Council and take back control of our services

  • LABOUR will freeze council tax for the 2020/2021 financial year

  • LABOUR will reverse the soft gypsy and traveller policy in the draft Local Development Plan

  • LABOUR will support Bowers Gifford and Hovefields Neighbourhood plans with development 

  • LABOUR will invest £1m into street cleaning services

  • LABOUR will reduce the salaries of Councillors

  • LABOUR will remove the £10 collection charge that has led to an increase in flytipping

  • LABOUR will reverse the decision to sell the taxpayer land next to the golf course for just £1

  • LABOUR will accelerate Sempra housebuilding so we build 1,000 homes by 2022 exclusively for local Basildon people

  • LABOUR will introduce a community bus service on the School Avenue Estate in Laindon 

  • LABOUR will rebuild Basildon Town Centre

  • LABOUR will put park wardens back in our parks to help reduce crime AND install the CCTV we funded in 2018

  • LABOUR will work with primary schools to provide nurseries for 2 and 3 year olds across the borough

  • LABOUR will oppose the closure of Fryerns and Vange libraries

  • LABOUR will continue the hot meal service for the elderly

  • LABOUR will invest in knife prevention programmes to get knives off our streets

  • LABOUR will protect Dunton from mass development

  • LABOUR will work to regenerate the Barge pub and Pitsea Bingo Hall